The BOB Life


Created by Resilient Soul in 2016, the BOB Life is a movement to raise the level of consciousness about the power of the black dollar and black wealth. Our mission is to support the growth and success of Black Owned Businesses (BOB) by connecting them to the resources needed to be self-sustaining.  Leading to the creation of more jobs, capital, and investments to create more black wealth.


Despite the recent trends of leading rates and the 1.4 trillion dollar spending power.  Black America has the highest poverty rate at 24.1% compared to the 9% of non-Hispanic whites according to the 2016 US Census report.  Money is power only when it supported by financially educated decisions, full of intent and purpose, to economically empower the black community.  This is not just with income or money, but with transferable wealth to build and sustain industries in manufacturing, distribution, trade and job creation.

This movement is more than a trend, it is a lifestyle.  With a platform to increase awareness of BOB’s that support the values, interest, and goals of enhancing the black community.  Encouraging people to spend and invest with intent and purpose to build the black community one step at a time.


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