Terrainia Harris

Founder & Co-CEO


Terrainia Harris, MPH, is both a graduate of Langston University and the University of Oklahoma and holds a Master’s in Public Health.  She has a successful career in her passion as a supervisory epidemiologist servicing the great state of Oklahoma.  As co-owner and co-creator of Resilient Soul, She works to support, grow and celebrate natural hair, successful businesses, and assist women with living their best life. 


O: 405.528.2422  

F: 267.545.6160

Shekeeta Taylor

Founder & Co-CEO


Shekeeta Taylor, RN, is a graduate of both Langston University and Oklahoma State University and has a career as a registered nurse in one of Oklahoma’s finest neonatal intensive care units.  She is also the co-owner and co-creator of Resilient Soul, a unique business devoted to encourage and empower women to enhance and enlighten their mind, body, lives, and community.  She wants every woman to be RESILIENT.



O: 405.528.2422 

F: 267.545.6160

Meet Resilient Soul


Resilient Soul, LLC is a business developed to strengthen and empower the values, health, and culture of women and their community in Oklahoma City and abroad.

Resilient Soul serves women who are driven to enhance their beauty, hair, health, and life.  We encourage women to be empowered, embody significance, and be equipped for life’s everyday journey.

Founded in 2010, by two friends, Terrainia and Shekeeta, Resilient Soul was born to put dreams into action and make action a reality.

We want you to be RESILIENT.

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